Bobs and Tweets: Scout Camp

Scholastic Inc., 2019

In Book #4, the kids of Bonefish Street leave home to test their survival skills.,
and their teamwork skills.

64 pages. ISBN 978-1338355406
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To see more, watch “A Sneak Peek Inside Kristy Caldwell’s Studio” over at the Judy Newman at Scholastic blog.


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Away with Words

Peachtree Publishers, 2019

Celebrated traveler Isabella Bird overcame childhood illness and Victorian society to find her voice in the world.


Flowers for Sarajevo

Peachtree Publishers, 2017

When war calls his father away, Drasko sees the action of one brave musician ripple through the community.


Bobs and Tweets: Perfecto Pet Show

Scholastic Inc., 2017

In Book #2, the kids of Bonefish Street Elementary prepare to wow their community at the "Kid-Pet Talent Show." 


Meet the Bobs and Tweets

Scholastic Inc., 2016

In Book #1, two families with very different lifestyles move onto Bonefish Street. The Bobs and Tweets meet. 


Mowgli Khan and Shere Khan

Personal piece

Two chiefs patrol the jungle together in a new ending to The Jungle Book’s Mowgli stories. Prints/posters available.


The Rooftop of the World

Personal series

Fantasy series inspired a certain swamp. Three images available as individual prints, framed/unframed.


Snow Sounds for NPR

Personal piece

How I imagine the environmental intros to NPR segments are made. Prints available, framed/unframed.


Over the Fence

Personal piece

A late summer filled with dead baseballs, dust, and tall weeds. Prints available, framed/unframed.


The Entire History of Planet Earth

Personal piece

“Hello, Humans! Today is your day.” The long and short of the history of Earth. Prints available, framed/unframed.


MARS (a play about mining)

Superhero Clubhouse and Matchbox Arts

Promo art and wall projections for a dance-theatre premiere at the Center for Performance Research.


EARTH (a play about people)

Superhero Clubhouse

Logo for an immersive performance created by international artist teams, inspired by the Voyager Golden Record.


Marian, or the True Tale of Robin Hood

Flux Theatre Ensemble

Promo for the world premiere of Adam Szymkowicz’s "gender-bending, patriarchy-smashing" play.


Holiday card

School of Visual Arts

Two-color holiday postcard for SVA's MFA Visual Narrative Department, art-directed by Nathan Fox.


Superhero Clubhouse logo

Superhero Clubhouse

Logo for artists, scientists & environmental professionals who use theater to shift consciousness.


Short fiction

Carrier Pigeon: Illustrated Fiction and Fine Art

Illustrations for an artist-run magazine that teams up writers, illustrators, fine artists & designers.