Flux Theatre Ensemble benefit party

blog02_PacoNew York’s Flux Theatre Ensemble is throwing a benefit party at the Broadway Comedy Club on November 21, and I’m happy to be donating a commissioned piece to the raffle. The winner of the raffle will answer a series of questions about the imaginary inner life of his/her pet, and the result of the questionnaire will arrive in the mail . . . in the form of a hand-drawn, digitally finished 8 x 10-inch artwork, framed and signed. The result will be a surprise to the recipient, which is part of the fun.

One raffle ticket is only $3 (more tickets = less per ticket), and you can enter online with no commitment to attending the actual fundraiser. Enter here.

Looking at the pieces on my site will give a good indication of drawing style, and the actual questions the raffle winner will receive are below, for reference. They’ll be emailed after the winning ticket is drawn.


What is your pet’s alternate personality? Answer these questions to find out.

1. If my pet had opposable thumbs, he/she would ______________________.

2. If my pet could change species, he/she would be a _______________.

3. My pet’s favorite type of music is _______________.

4. If my pet had a superpower, it would be ____________________.

5. When my pet sleeps, he/she dreams of _________________________________.

6. If my pet could talk, the first thing he/she would say to a stranger is ___________.

7. My pet’s favorite genre of film is ________________.

8. My pet’s favorite subject in school is ______________________.

9. If my pet were a character in Snow White, he/she would be  ___________.

10. In a “Choose Your Own Adventure” story, my pet’s fate would be __________.


Good luck to all contestants!