Small Gods personal art

I’ve probably read 20 or so Terry Pratchett books in total. My favorites are the stories of the “Guards” series, which take place on the Discworld and are often told from the perspective of a ragged policeman named Sam Vimes. Small Gods is a standalone story set in the same world, focusing on the religious hierarchy. Overall, the gods have been reduced to comical living conditions as a direct result of a lack of belief. The hero of the story is Brutha, the only remaining believer in Om, who can now only physically manifest as a turtle. This pisses Om off.

The images on the right are actual covers of paperback copies of Small Gods. My personal art is at left.

Note: while the illustration I created had a young audience in mind, the novel itself is for adults.

Tools: Winsor & Newton sable brush, Sumi ink, Adobe Photoshop CS6.