Research for new picture book project

storyboarding_booksI’ve been spending a lot of time on research for a new project: a picture book that utilizes comic-book style panels in the telling of the story. Many of my friends are comic book artists, but I’m not them, so I started studying up. I want to incorporate the panels very carefully—and sparingly—so I looked to quiet stories for inspiration: Tom Gauld’s Gigantic Robot and Goliath, then Seth’s George Sprott and Palookaville (first 17 issues). For extra credit I also observed a Skillshare class on storyboarding for animators, taught by Disney story artist Leo Matsuda, and consulted this handy pdf guide, which uses shots from “The Simpsons” to explain rhythm and clarity in storyboarding, with notes by director Brad Bird.

I’m ready. I’m over-ready.